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Order Process
By placing an order you agree to the terms of the design license agreement for the use of the Documents. You will find these on the cover sheet of any Documents you order, as well as on the second page of the order form. When you place an order you will be signing your order form and certifying that you have read the terms and agree with them.
Order form
An order may be placed online , or can be placed on the PDF form, and faxed to (614) 474-1778. If you use the PDF form, you must use the free Acrobat Reader software to open and print the form on your end. This software is included on most new computers. If you do not have it, it may be downloaded from Adobe’s web site for free. You may fill out the form on your computer to  print it and fill it out by hand.  Make a copy of the order form for yourself in case we need to discuss your order.
Our standard shipping is 3 day and it is included for the 48 states. If you are elsewhere, email us and we can try to make arrangements with you. If the need is sooner, email us to make other arrangements. Please allow up to seven work days for processing and delivery.    We will email you when we have received your order, and again after it has shipped. 
Designs are not available for purchase by Ohio residents, at this time.
1.  C.O.D.  
If you check the pay via C.O.D.  Remember to choose a shipping address where the package can be received and signed for. C.O.D. orders will require a signature for pickup, they can not be left without a signature, and payment.
2.  PayPal  
When ordering online, we use paypal.  If you check the pay via PayPal on the faxed order form, the payment will be processed via pay by email thru PayPal.  Upon receipt of the order form, a payment request will be sent to your email.  Follow the directions, and make the payment thru  PayPal.  We will process your order upon confirmation of payment. 
Our price structure is simple. We charge the same amount for all Designs.

1.   Design License Agreement + (5) sets of Documents            $   900.00
2.   Design License Agreement + (1) set of reproducible Documents    $  1,500.00
3.   Design License Agreement + (1) cad file  $  1,800.00
4.   Shipping & Handling  $  30.00
4.   Additional sets    $  40.00