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Do your plans comply to my local building codes?

Every Building department has their own specific requirements, and it is recommended that you contact your local building department for assistance.  Each area of the Country has different specific requirements for Seismic, Hurricane, Frost Depths, Snow Loads, Energy Analysis, and other regulations.  The Design will need to be Engineered by an independent Structural Engineer, Architect, or other Designer, to meet the local code.  The Design is limited in scope , not all items will be detailed or specified, for a specific area of the Country, and are Generic in nature.  All Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical systems will be designed by others.   Any Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical drawings included within the Design are schematic in nature, and will require review, and modifications (by others), to comply to local building codes.

How do I order a plan?

Refer to the Order page.

What does the Design License include?

The Purchase of one Design License includes a limited one time use to construct the Design once (refer to copyright), and (5) sets of Documents.  Alternately, you may purchase the license with (1) set of reproducible Documents, or an electronic (CAD) file in (.dxf) format.  Refer to the Order page.

Can I return the Design License after I purchase the Design License?

No, please make your decision carefully. All sales are final. (This is similar to purchasing software).  You are purchasing the Right to build the “Design” once.

Can I take your Design to a drafting service and have them redrawn?

Refer to Copyright for details on what can be done, legally.  If a license is purchased for a design, you will be permitted to have the Design modified, by a local Architect, Designer, or Drafter. 

How do you determined square footages?

Each design has a different set of specific details or drawings.  however, all designs have the same basic sheets;

Foundation plan @ 1/4″ scale (all designs have basements), Floor plans @ 1/4″ scale, Roof plan @ 1/4″ scale,  Elevations @ 1/4″ scale & 1/8″ scale, notes, schedules, details, and wall Section (s) @ 1/2″ scale.  Additionally most designs include some of the following;  Building Sections @ 1/4″ scale, Details as appropriate, Structural Plans @ 1/4″ scale, and Electrical schematic plans.

Refer to attached sample of part of a Document.